What is Nursing Home?

What is Nursing Home? It is a place or facility, a residential care center for elderly or disabled people. It is also known as a care homes, long-term care facilities, or skilled nursing facilities. It can be either a public or private residential facility. However, it provides long term care for mostly aged persons who no longer has the ability or who are unable to properly care for themselves.

What is Nursing Home?

What Does Nursing Home Provide?

One of the purpose or reason for a nursing home is for nursing care, three meals a day, 24-hour supervision, and assistance with everyday activities. Also, it includes rehabilitation services, such as occupational, physical, speech therapy. Nursing homes is also reaccommodated for some specific elderly people after being in the hospital for a short time.

People who are taken to a nursing facilities average life expectancy to live there is about 2.2 years. Well, it depends on the individual. Nursing home was once called “old age care”.

Types of Nursing Homes

There are different housing options and levels of care available to everyone.

  • Skilled – Skilled Care Facility.
  • INTERM – Intermediate Care Facility.
  • SHLTER – Sheltered Care Facility.
  • ICF-DD – Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled.
  • COM LV – Community Living Facility.
  • UND 22 – Skilled Care Facility for Individuals Under the Age of 22.

Hospital VS Nursing Home: What the Different?

It best you know that Hospital is far different from the Nursing home. A hospital is a heath care center, while a nursing home is a housing health care, that provider care for young or elderly people for a short time or even a lifetime.

In What Condition do Someone Need a Nursing Home?

Anyone or people with more complex health needs to be in a Nursing home, because they need daily access to care from nurses. This kind of people includes;

  • Does who are in state of need for ongoing medical care.
  • People with more advanced mental and physical disabilities or long-term illnesses.
  • Elderly people who are in need of end-of-life care, And a lot more.

What is the Cost of Nursing home?

The cost of a nursing home varies, the richer the state, the higher the average cost compared to the less affluent states. A private room will cost you more a month and cost you higher a year. While for a non-private nursing room will cost you less than a private room.

In a non-private nursing room, you will find more than one person in that room. It not like that of the private nursing room which need privacy (just one person in the room).