What does Amazon Prime come with?

Amazon prime is a paid subscription service that grants members access to discounts and other benefits on services. Amazon Prime has a lot of perks added to it but you have to subscribe. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime you have access to a wide range of services like music, online books, video streaming, and more.

What does Amazon Prime come with

You might have been hearing of amazon prime and always wanted to ask the question What does it come with? This article will answer your question and address other questions related to Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a paid subscription service provided by Amazon that grants members access to discounts and other benefits on services procured on Amazon. Amazon has a lot of platforms that offer different services, for example, amazon kindle, amazon music, amazon gaming, and more. Having an amazon prime subscription gives you access to all these services.

What does Amazon Prime come with?

The main advantage that comes with Amazon Prime is the free two-day shipping offer for millions of items on the platform. But this is not the only thing that comes with the Amazon Prime package, there are many more and we will list them below:

  • Unlimited Movie Streaming on Prime Video

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get access to Prime video which is a video streaming platform that has thousands of movies, Tv shows, and original content. You can also subscribe to other streaming platforms like Showtime, HBO, Starz, and more through Prime video for just a little added cost.

  • Access to thousands of online books:

Amazon Prime allows users to have access to amazon Kindle and Fire Tablet. As some of you might know, Amazon kindle is an online reading platform. It has a lot of books, comics, and magazines on it and is free to all Amazon prime subscribers.

  • Unlimited access to music:

Prime Music is a music streaming platform provided by Amazon Prime. On Prime Music, you have access to millions of songs, and playlists available ad-free. Tired from a stressful day at work and need some nice tunes to cool you down. Then select a playlist that suits your mood on prime music.

  • Free photo Storage on Amazon Photos:

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get unlimited photo storage in full resolution and up to 5GB of video storage. You can back your photos and videos via the Amazon Photos app and access them readily on your computer and mobile device.

  • Prime Gaming:

Amazon Prime subscribers have access to free games and free in-game benefits for some mobile games like PUBG. They also enjoy a free channel subscription on Twitch. tv every month.


Is Amazon Prime free?

Amazon Prime is can be used for free during the 30 days of trial but after the free trial has elapsed. You will have to subscribe to any of the payment plans to use Amazon Prime.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon Prime has different subscription plans and you can select them depending on the plan that suits you best. Here are the payment plans available on Amazon Prime:

  • Monthly Membership plans: the amazon Prime monthly plan costs $14.99. But this can be reduced if you qualify for government assistance.
  • Annual Membership plan: an annual membership plan on Amazon Prime costs $139. If you opt for this plan you get to save up on your yearly spending in the long run.
  • Student Membership plan: this plan is only applicable to students with a valid school email address. As a student, you can get up to six months of free trial and discounted membership fee of $7.49 monthly and $69 annually.
  • Prime Video Membership plan: when you subscribe to the Prime video membership plan. You get to enjoy only unlimited Tv and movie streaming. It costs $108 annually.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

It depends on what you want and what you can pay for. Amazon prime is great if you want to save up money on shipping and paying for video streaming services. Amazon Prime offers a cheaper price for streaming prices as Prime Video is cheaper than other streaming platforms like the standard Netflix and Hulu plan.