Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

I recall when I complained to my friend about how Aunt Caroline was been neglected in the care facility she was placed. “Why don’t you contact a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney?” This was the question she asked me. “Is this possible?” I asked in return. “Yes, it is!” She said. And then, she went ahead to enlighten me about neglect attorneys.

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

From our discussion, I learned a lot about neglect attorneys for caring facilities, ranging from nursing home neglect, the attorneys involved in these kinds of cases, the signs of neglect, the people responsible for neglect, and numerous others. And I’ll be sharing my findings in this article.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect refers to a type of elder abuse that is carried out against the elderly in caring facilities. Neglect happens when there is a breach of duty that in turn causes an occupant of a caring facility to suffer.

Neglect occurs when residents are not given proper care or when they are not provided with any treatment or care that is necessary to save their health.

The nursing home is a great place to keep the elderly. When an elderly loved one is placed in a nursing home, we expect that he or she will be looked after duly. But at times that is not always the case as neglect happens. Some nursing homes may cut corners and provide substandard care to residents.

Other times, staff members may also harm residents deliberately. Also, neglect may not be intended sometimes, regardless, nursing home negligence can still result in serious injuries or even the death of an elderly occupant.

How Can You Detect Nursing Home Neglect

What were the signs I saw that made me realize aunt was been neglected? Here are some of the warning indications of negligence in a nursing facility.

  • Not calling a doctor or nurse when required.
  • Non-changing an occupant’s clothes or bedding regularly.
  • Infections or bedsores with no explained causes.
  • Non-cleaning of residents daily.
  • Lack of personal hygiene.
  • Medical complications resulting from the nursing home’s negligence to provide treatment appropriately.
  • Surprising changes in personality or behavior, including depression, anxiety, fits of anger, pulling out from activities, or self-harm.

These are not the only signs of negligence. So, if you suspect nursing home negligence, you should immediately contact the nursing home management concerning your suspicions.

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

It is a sad thing to see your loved one hurt in a caring facility. If you notice that your loved one is being neglected in a nursing home, you will have to take steps that will stop the neglect. You can also seek to hold the wrongdoers financially responsible for the pain they have caused.

This is where a nursing home neglect attorney step in. They will help you take legal action to protect your loved one’s rights. They are committed to holding nursing homes and their staff members responsible for their actions of negligence. And they will also give you a better understanding of the legal options available to you.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Nursing Home Neglect

Many parties can be answerable for the neglect of a loved one in a caring facility.

  • The owners and operators of the nursing center.
  • Supervisors whose duties include training and managing staff members who are charged with caring for your loved one.
  • Staff members who have knowingly harmed your loved one or failed to provide an adequate level of care.

These are the people who can be held responsible.

FAQs on Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

What Can Happen If I Don’t Report Neglect?

If you do not report neglect in a caring home, you will only be allowing the perpetrators to continue their pattern of mistreatment, which could lead to worse conditions for the victim. And you will be putting other residents in the nursing homes at risk for the same inferior care.

What Grounds Do I Have to File a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home?

You will have grounds to file a lawsuit against a nursing home when they fail to provide the required care to your loved one and serious injuries occur.

Who Can File a Neglect Lawsuit

A lawsuit can be filed by a nursing home resident who has suffered neglect. But if a resident is unable to file on their own, family members can do it on their behalf.

How Can I Prove Nursing Home Negligence?

You need strong evidence that includes documented medical records from a licensed physician, eyewitness accounts of neglect, and photos or videos from camcorders to prove caring home neglect.

Statute of Limitations for Nursing Home Neglect

If you want to take legal action against a negligent nursing home, you should know that your state has a statute of limitations encircling your ability to file a lawsuit. This implies that you may have only a certain amount of time from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. And If you wait to file past the deadline, you will lose your rights to take legal action.

Well, in all I will say do not let those parties, whether it is a caregiver or the nursing home itself, who are guilty of neglect get away with the injuries and harm they caused your loved one.