Which is Better: Netflix or HBO Max?

HBO max and Netflix is no new name when it comes to online streaming. As they both provide us with great content for our entertainment. No doubt the two streaming platforms are good but you cannot help but wonder; which is better; Netflix or HBO Max.

Which is Better: Netflix or HBO Max?

The two platforms offer similar services but, in this article, we will break down the pros and cons of each streaming platform to determine which platform is the best.

Which is better; Netflix or HBO Max?

To determine the streaming platform that Is better between Netflix and HBO max, we have to take note of some things that make up a good streaming platform and compare them to each other.


Price is unarguably one of the first things to consider when you want to use a streaming platform. It must be affordable and also give quality content at the same time. Netflix has three subscription plans; Basic, Standard, and Premium plan.

the price of the Basic subscription plan is $8.99 per month. This is cheap but limits what you can do on the platform severely. You can only stream on one screen and the image quality is not just it. The standard plan costs $13.99 monthly, allows two simultaneous streaming, and shows content in HD quality.

The premium subscription is the most expensive as it costs $17.99 per month. You can stream on four devices at the same time and stream videos in 4K.

Now let’s see the price of HBO Max and compare it to that of Netflix. HBO max offers two subscription plans; an ad-free plan and Ad- a supported plan. The Ad-Supported plan costs $9.99 and you will have to deal with short commercials interrupting your movies once in a while. The Ad- free plan costs $14.99 per month and allows streaming at high quality.


The catalog is also an important category to look at when choosing a great streaming service. It is no news that both HBO max and Netflix offer a large collection of original moves, series, and TV shows.  Netflix has more series to offer such as Vikings, Rick and Morty, Breaking Bad, and the walking dead. It has blockbuster movies like Star Wars, The Tall Girl, and many more.

HBO max is mainly known for its original series productions that are exclusive to HBO Max. some of the series are Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Watchmen, and True Detective. It has also produced and bought rights to so many epic movies like The Matrix, Joker, the Shining, and more.

Device compatibility

In this section, we will discuss the devices that support the streaming platform. Both HBO Max and Netflix have various devices on which they can function. The only thing you need is to make sure that the device can connect to the internet.

HBO max and Netflix can work on any smartphone (Android or iOS) and computer. Sadly, HBO max is not readily available in all smart TVs because it is relatively new in most countries. Offline watching of content is also available on both platforms.

Image Quality

We cannot leave this category aside when we are searching for the best streaming platform.

HBO max offers good resolutions for a lesser price and can only be accessed on the multiscreen plan but this is not enough to beat Netflix in this category.

Netflix allows users to watch content in 4K resolution on its most advanced plan. This makes it possible to watch anything on the platform in the best image quality.

So, which is better Netflix and HBO Max?

No doubt Netflix and HBO Max are both good streaming services. In most categories that we discussed; they were very close to a tie. But it ultimately boils down to what you want in a streaming service and what you want to watch. Leave your thought below at the comment section.