5+ Ways to Keep Elderly People Happy in a Nursing Home

Everyone is different, not every elderly person will enjoy living in a nursing home. A nursing home is a whole new life, a new environment for an elderly person, and can be challenging. The best way to keep your loved ones happy (elderly people) in a nursing home is to make sure you met their health needs and keep them stay active in different ways.

5+ Ways to Keep Elderly People Happy in a Nursing Home

More people can live in a quiet place. Some people love to see others around them, especially their family members or friends. When elderly people get enough assistance they need, which includes a safe living environment and a good daily care routine. These elderly ones will receive high-quality health care without involving their loved ones or family.

Why is Elderly People’s Happiness Important?

When elderly people are happy, it has a great impact on their mental and physical health. So, if you are a nurse in any nursing home, please keep your elderly one staying happy. Because it helps;

  • Reduce their dementia risk.
  • It increases their chance of recovering from serious disabilities.

When staying involved in elderly people’s daily routines, helps keep them happy when they are in a nursing home.

8 Ways to Keep Elderly People Happy in a Nursing Home

A better way to kickstart this technique is by supporting your loved one as they head straight to the nursing facility. This way, they can spot any problems for you early from the beginning, and you can work towards monitoring them. If you find out your old senior is not happy in a nursing home make use you investigate properly. Get a nursing home abuse attorney if they are being abused, which courses them not to be happy.

Here are some of the best ideas you can use, to help keep elderly ones happy when in a nursing home:

1. Let Them Be Themselves

If your elderly one is the type who always loves to complain, you shouldn’t tend to change them. Most people become happy or tend to be happy when they talk about people or things that are impossible. Most of them might fight you if you intend to go against them, it best you cheer them up, there is no harm in doing that.

2. Listen to Music Together

Music is known to be a wonderful activity, which is best shared with your older adult. Music can improve mood, reduce restlessness, and increase happiness and bonding. Whenever you are with them, play their favorite songs. Or you can set up a list of simple music (create a playlist) for them to listen to at any time.

Most time, you can sit with them; sing along with them when the music plays. You can ask them what music they enjoy in their youth age. Help bring back some old music memories.

When they can seem to talk, they stress themselves when they intend to, play calm music and watch their body language for clues. If they seem agitated, then you need to switch the music. You can play something more soothing. Also, try to lower the sound, or just switch to a new activity.

3. Eat a Meal or Snack Together

Old adults enjoy companionship when you eat with them. You can either join them in their community dining room. Or you can set up a picnic with different of good food, or “tea and cookies, cheese.

Remind them of their favorite snack in high school, even if that’s not what you’re currently eating. Make a promise to them that you will get it when next you’re coming to visit them. And make sure you don’t forget to.

4. Take them for Some Walk to Get some Fresh Air

Having walked in two peas, you can make use of an opportunity to take an old adult on a walk to get some fresh air and exercise. It is not a good idea for them to be always indoors in their room, you can take them out for a walk in the garden or courtyard.

5. Give a Massage or Manicure

Many elderly people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities can benefit from the healing results of touch. But, note that it depends on the type of relationship you have with the older adult.

You could give them a hand massage or make use of some tools for a manicure. Older adults who are women would love it when you polish their nails.

Make sure you use a very light touch when massaging them. It is because their skin and muscles may be fragile; to be very careful when handling their neck, shoulders, back, and arms.

6. Play Games, Complete Puzzles and other Activities Together

There are different types of games you can play with elderly people in nursing homes. Playing games with them is a good activity to engage them with. It helps them break out from disabilities or any illness they are facing. You can play board games, cooking, crafts, card games, and a lot of other hobbies that can help them fit all ability levels.

7. Watch a TV Show or Movie

Watching TV or movies is something we often do with friends and family; why not do it now with your older adult? It’s another way to spend time together without feeling too stressed out to strike up a conversation.

If you have a desktop or a personal laptop you can play a movie from it, or if you have access to one of the top streaming platforms. Or maybe you ask them what their favorite or best movie or tv series is when they were young.

8. Ask Them to Dance if Possible

You can play a slow song, and turn up the volume; the best option for dance therapy is to dance with them and let them fill that emotion as if they were still in high school prom dancing. Dancing is also a form of exercise.


Elderly people in assisted living can greatly benefit from the help of home nursing staff, other residents, and most importantly their own family and relatives. Note, if a nursing home does not suit your need for your elderly one, make sure you move them out.

If you notice any serious neglect or abuse, you should take action immediately. You should go for hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer. Always make sure safety is in your main priority when it comes to your elderly one who is in a nursing home.