How to Get a Business License: 5 Simple Steps

What’s a Business License?

It refers to any kind of license or permit that is required to operate a business and provide services in any location. There are different licenses for businesses that are being issued by federal, state, country, and municipal agencies.

How to Get a Business License: 5 Simple Steps

You will need to register your business to get a license. But know that your business and the location from which you operate will decide what license and permit you need.

Getting a license for your business can take days to months. It is determined by your type of business, and your jurisdiction.

So, if you run a business or you intend on having one, you will need a license to legally run your business.

And this is what this article is about, in this article; I will be sharing ideas on how to get a business license.

Types of Business Licenses You Can Get

You cannot just start applying for any license if you don’t know the type of business license you need. So to apply for a business license, you need to first know the types of licenses that are available. Below are the different types;

  1. Business operating license.
  2. Planning and zoning permit.
  3. Building and home occupation license.
  4. DBA license.
  5. Tax regulations.
  6. Fire department permit.
  7. Environmental license.
  8. Health license and permit.
  9. Seller’s permit.
  10. Federal license.
  11. Industry-specific license.
  12. Special permits.

Steps to Getting a Business License

The steps in getting a business license differ and it depends on your state and the type of license you need. Also, note that a business license is not required for every business. Below are some steps you need to take in or to get a business card.

  1. Know the business license you need.
  2. Prepare the right business documents needed to get the license.
  3. Apply for the business license.
  4. Get your business license.
  5. Keep up with the requirements for license renewal.

1. Know the Business License You Need

To get a business license, first, you need to know the business license you will be needing. And the types of business licenses have been listed in this article.

The type of business license you will be needed will depend on the kind of business you run and on federal, state, and local requirements.

2. Prepare the Right Business Documents Needed to Get the License

There are needed documents to get your license. You need to have the documents before you apply for a business license.

Note that the needed documents depend on the type of license you want to apply for. Here are some of the needed documents.

  • Documents containing the description of your business.
  • Copies of corporate records.
  • Proof of state or local tax status.
  • Ownership and management list.

3. Apply for the Business License

When you know what business license you need, and you have the required documents, then you can go ahead to apply for your business license.

You will have to fill out the application and then submit it. Know that every application is different so you have to carefully follow the instructions.

4. Get Your Business License

After you have applied for your business license, you will have to wait to receive it. It could be immediately approved but if not, you will wait till the licensing agency will approve it. At times it may take up to a week or months.

5. Keep up With the Requirements for License Renewal

When you have received your business license, you will be granted the legal right to conduct your business. But know that it does not stop there; most business licenses require renewal so you have to renew them before it expires.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Business License?

At times a business license for your business is free. But sometimes it costs about $20 to $50. Also, the license is annual or biennially and you have to pay renewal fees.

But note that the money for a license than the fines you will pay if you do not have a license. The cost of your business license will depend on some factors like your license type, processing fees, your location, and recurring fees.