How to Get a Car Insurance Quotes

Getting car insurance quotes is not difficult if you know the right steps to take. A car insurance quote refers to the estimate of how much you will be paying for a policy. Insurance quotes are determined based on the information you provide.

How to Get a Car Insurance Quotes

This information includes your age, your car, your driving history, where you live, and several other personal and environmental factors. Every insurer writes its auto policies based on several criteria, so there are no two insurance quotes that are alike.

Having car insurance quotes is a good means of comparing rates and coverage options from insurance companies. Some car insurance companies give free quotes but this process can be unproductive, as it results in a single quote.

Online car insurance quote sites, like “The Zebra”, allow drivers to enter their information once and receive quotes from all the most trusted insurance companies. Everyone needs car insurance so it is best you get a quote from a company that provides affordable rates and personalized service when you need it.

What you Need to get Car Insurance Quotes

To get your car insurance quote, you will need:

  1. Driver’s license.
  2. Vehicle identification number.
  3. Mileage.
  4. Insurance record.
  5. Driving history.
  6. Date of the vehicle purchase.

Below is a brief explanation on each of the above listed car insurance quotes.

1. Driver’s License

If there are other drivers in your household, you will need their driver’s license information too.

2. Vehicle Identification Number

If you cannot give an exact VIN, you will need to provide the year, make, and model of your car to get a preliminary quote.

3. Mileage

Low-mileage drivers pay less on average than high-mileage drivers.

4. Insurance Record

Car insurance companies require at least six months of consecutive auto insurance before issuing a policy.

5. Driving History

You must assemble the driving history of you and any other driver on the policy.

6. Date of Vehicle Purchase

You need to have your vehicle purchase information at hand when buying your policy.

You also need the physical address of where your vehicle is kept. The insurance company will collect your information such as your driving history, past auto insurance claims, and sometimes your credit.

How can you Get Car Insurance Quotes?

There are different ways you can get car insurance quotes. You can buy insurance quotes directly online or over your phone. You can also buy from a captive agent or an independent agent or an insurance broker. Whichever option you choose, ensure that you;

  • Check the car insurance companies’ complaint records and customer satisfaction.
  • Get at least three car insurance quotes online or from an agent. This is so you can check if you are getting a good price for the coverage you want.
  • Understand the coverage limits. When you are comparing quotes, ensure that each policy has comparable liability limits and deductibles.

Below is how you can get car insurance quotes.

Get Car Insurance Quote Online or Over the Phone

This is the easiest way to get car insurance. There are insurance companies that offer free car insurance quotes online.

You should visit different insurance company websites to compare their quotes. To maximize time, you can use a website that gives quotes from numerous companies.

When you purchase a policy online or over the phone, it is referred to as buying car insurance direct from the insurer.

Also, when you buy insurance directly without the help of any agent, it gives you the freedom to adjust coverages and see auto insurance quotes yourself.

Get Car Insurance Quote from Captive Agents

Getting a car insurance quote is possible through a captive agent. Captive agents work for one insurance company.

Their job is to help figure out what policy is good for you and they also provide a car insurance quote for you.

The captive agent in turn earns a commission or a percentage of your premium when you purchase a policy.

Get Car Insurance Quote from Independent Agents or Brokers

Getting an insurance quote from an independent agent or broker will be a good choice.

If you want to talk through your car insurance options but do not want to limit yourself to one company.

These independent agents and brokers work with numerous insurers and they offer a wide range of options and policies.